Food Made and Served with Love

From our signature homemade sweet pastries to our legendary Belgian waffles, or whether you prefer a brunch over a breakfast, we pour our hearts into offering you an experience that feels just like home.

Meet the founders

We’re Conny and Franky, and after working over 25 and 30 years at a big international chemical company, we decided last year to change our lives completely and follow our hearts.

Since then, we’ve been all in on making our dream come true: opening our own place where we can share our love for great food with everyone.

Switching from chemicals to running our own business might seem like a big leap, but a lot of the important stuff is actually pretty similar, like caring about the quality and freshness of what we use, aiming for the perfect final touch, being creative, and connecting with people.

Drop in and allow us to surprise and delight you!

La Deliciosa

In August of 2023, we took over a small spot and gave it our own makeover, doing a lot of the work ourselves to really make it ours.

Adjusting to a new culture and local ways was a challenge, but it’s all part of the adventure. Our experience managing big projects and our hard work helped us finish this project successfully and made us an even stronger team.

With our new setup and the sea view, we hope to offer our guests a cozy and stylish place to enjoy a meal or drink. Making people feel good is something we both really care about, and we hope to do that with the dishes we prepare and serve with a lot of love and dedication.

Being from Belgium, we’re lucky to speak several languages (Dutch, English, German, French), and we’re getting pretty good at Spanish too, so we can welcome and serve as many people as possible in their own language.

Book your table

Book your table easily through WhatsApp or give us a call and secure your place at Deliciosa Brunchcafe. We look forward to serving you.